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About Us


Get to know the wife and husband team behind AuthenticPugliaTours.

Both born with wanderlust, the two met through travel while working abroad.

“Our jobs kept us busy but we managed to carve out some time to jet off to beautiful locations across the world. We went to many adventures together in faraway lands, all the while Vincenzo couldn’t stop talking about where he grew up, the Italian region of Puglia. When he decided to move back home, I followed him and our new life as a married couple began.”
– Cindy

“When Cindy joined me in Puglia I was excited to show her my roots and how beautiful Puglia really is. We would get in the car whenever we could and just drove to my favourite places in Puglia. Along the way, we found new spots, as one often does when on a road trip. These serendipitous finds were added to the ever-growing list of recommended places we would share with Cindy’s family when they came over and our friends who visited us from other countries.”
– Vincenzo

And then something just clicked.

A dream started to form: to make it easier and simpler for other people to visit the same wonderful sights.

That’s how Authentic Puglia Tours was founded with this aim at the heart of the company.

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