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Corporate incentive trips & team building in Puglia

For a company culture that makes the difference

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Reward top employees with awesome holidays or bring the whole team together to Puglia, whatever the choice, we can make it happen.

Why book with us

  • Our leadership coaches can help design the activities to reach a company’s objectives.
  • Destinations and experiences are specifically selected for incentive trips and/or team building activities.
  • Same attentive level of service for both small c-level groups and larger ones (up to 400-people).
  • Transport, reservations and more are all taken care of, before and during a trip.

Build trust

Strengthen bonds between colleagues with engaging activities in spectacular locations, such as fresh-pasta cooking classes with nonnas in century-old farms, fishing trips at sea with expert local fishermen or orienteering in a beautiful forest.

Nothing boring for our guests!

Improve problem-solving

Out-of-the-box thinking is essential in today’s business world, and it’s a skill that can be learned with fun challenges, role play and more fun activities we include in our programs. Employees can play detective during a CSI murder mystery night or can sharpen their strategy skills during on an airsoft field, or can even embark on a quest looking for hidden treasure.

Increase collaboration

Facilitate communication and team-spirit within the same department or across different ones with expert coaching as well as experiences that are imbued with the company’s values. Options abound, from strictly local ones, like a cooking class where participants have to shop for ingredients using a bike, to living as a pugliese farmer for a day or learning pizzica dancing, to more classic experiences like sailing races or escape from forest events.

Have fun

Structured activities are great, but sometimes letting loose is just the thing, and our local experts can definitely plan some downtime for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. Vintage car rides along scenic routes, wine tastings at renowned wineries or spending the day as a cowboy at a local stable are all options we can arrange for a corporate retreat.

Our Clients

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Look no further

Make your travel planning easier with our concierge team.


a man and a woman posing for a picture
Thank you AuthenticPugliaTours!

We recommend AuthenticPugliaTours. They took care of us, curated and made the arrangements for our trip so we didn’t have to worry about the quality of our concentrated time in the region. Utilizing their expertise saved us a lot of research time and directed us to experiences we never would have found otherwise. High quality all the time!

– Jordan and Joanie Kowalke from U.S. | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey
a man and a woman standing in front of a mountain in Puglia
Great way to see Puglia!

Great company with very professional tour guides!

– Michael and Teresa Rosendin from U.S. | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey
a woman smiling for the camera
Very very good and enjoyable!

I am pleased to have worked through AuthenticPugliaTours for my customers, I look forward to the next time, it was a pleasure!

– Mary Beth Sullivan from U.S. | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey
a person standing next to a body of water
Wonderful memories!

We are back to work and have wonderful memories of a remarkable trip to Puglia. We loved every day and everything was perfect with AuthenticPugliaTours. Thanks!

– Diane Katzeff from Canada | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey
a woman smiling for the camera
The best daily experience!

It was the best wine tour that we have experienced. We really enjoyed it, thank you!

– Chhaya Landschultz from U.K. | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey
You will have an unforgettable trip!

We had a perfect experience with AuthenticPugliaTours. They are very professional, thoughtful, friendly and we strongly recommend this travel agency! You will have an unforgettable trip!

– Adriana & Marcelo Barros from Brazil| AuthenticPugliaTours Survey
a person posing for the camera
Puglia is great!

We had a great time in Puglia. Despite it was super hot we liked the mix between beaches and little towns. The food was amazing and we really liked the bike tours you provided to us. The Wine Tasting & the Sassi Tour were also very interesting. Great accommodations as well!

– Lucas Lanosa from Argentina | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey
The Best Choice

The best choice to discover the highlights and hidden gems of the wonderful Puglia!! Highly recommended!

– Jenny Khan from Switzerland | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey
a little girl smiling at the camera
We had a WONDERFUL stay in Puglia!

The villa and hosts were absolutely incredible. They exceeded our expectations. We will recommend AuthenticPugliaTours to our friends and hope to stay in Puglia again in the future.

– Jerusha Herman Roybal from U.S. | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey
a car parked in front of a building
Very authentic experiences! Kiddotravel Belgium

You are really great at offering authentic experiences. And you understand the need for finding accommodation with great price-quality and a nice location!

– Liesbeth Dupon | Owner Kiddotravel BE | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey
Would Definitely Recommend!

The balance achieved between visiting some amazing places and discovering delicious genuine food, was just excellent.

– Manilee Battagli from Singapore | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey
Manilee Battagli from Singapore | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey

Great way to explore Puglia off the beaten path...recommended!

– Win Larsen from the Philippines | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey

We have chosen AuthenticPugliaTours as a partner in Puglia to arrange a road trip for our customers. Very satisfied with their service and selection of tours.

– Ana Laura Ramirez from Mexico | Facebook
Great activities and great guides!

Great experiences with the kids and very interesting comments by the guides and very nice persons. The accommodation where we stayed was gorgeous!

– Ali Kheloui from Switzerland | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey
Great service from AuthenticPugliaTours!

Communication was excellent from the start and when needed on our tour. The digital map was a blessing and the rustic accommodation was perfect!

– Connie & Andrew Hazlehurst from U.K. | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey
Thank you for an incredible trip!

My husband, three year old son and I just returned home from an amazing week in Puglia. Authentic Puglia Tours was incredibly helpful with all of our planning, from the car rental to perfect activities that were good for our toddler and us (definitely not an easy task!)

– Jamie Andrew from U.S. | Facebook
A great experience in so many ways!

AuthenticPugliaTours was highly responsive and helped us before, during and after the holiday with all those small issues that could easily have reduced our enjoyment. The digital map was new to us. We found it very helpful indeed and liked the additional information it carried. Thank you AuthenticPugliaTours, our holiday experience was definitely enhanced by your seemingly 24/7 personal support.

– Ian Southall from U.K. | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey
Explore The beauty of Puglia at your own pace with peace of mind

AuthenticPugliaTours took all the hard work out of organising our road trip in Puglia. The digital map was really useful and it was nice to have a curated list on hand.

– Ashford Everett-Smith from Australia | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey
Hidden gems with AuthenticPugliaTours!

Just returned home from a fantastic couple of days in Puglia. AuthenticPugliaTours was able to plan the perfect combination of activities and to show us hidden gems that we never would have discovered on our oww. They truly created a unique experience for us.

– Christine Bansner from U.S. | Facebook
We will go back to Puglia!

It was a beautiful trip. Highly recommended, as very varied activities and places to visit.

– Annette Gerber from Switzerland | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey
Road Trip perfectly planned!

I know how much work goes into planning these types of activities and AuthenticPugliaTours made it look effortless. There was a great balance in terms of sites and experiences. We learned so much about the local culture through food, art, nature and the people. It was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a trip of a lifetime.

– Stacey Zuelly from U.S. | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey
The tour of Puglia was incredible!!!

This really showed the culture and how they live which is so different from us. ... [We visited a] farm where we made cheese. It was incredible to really see how it was made and learn how nothing is wasted and how everything is made/used daily. I also really enjoyed interacting with the animals. ...[I really appreciated] being given the opportunity to take some photographs. Vincenzo just pulled over to a group of trullis to let me take pictures, I did not even have to ask. I was very grateful and appreciative that he did this just because he already knew it was important to me...I really enjoyed everything.

– Iggy Beerbower from U.S. | AuthenticPugliaTours Survey